FAQ under Minimum Wages Act

FAQ under Minimum Wages Act



Minimum number of workers to be employed for coming under the preview of Minimum Wages Act.



Even if there is only one employee, where employment is notified as scheduled of employment, the employer is liable to pay Minimum Wages


No of hours of work for getting Minimum Wages



9 hours for adult and 4 1/2 hrs for child


Prescribed overtime and wages under Minimum Wages Act



50 hours in a quarter. Double the ordinary rate of wages is given as overtime wages


Registers and records to be maintained by an employer



Muster Roll in form VI, Register of wages in form XI, Over time register in Form V,

Register of fines in Form I, Visit book, Register of deductions, Annual Return in Form II, 
Wage Slip in Form XIII 


Not getting Minimum Wages, what remedy.



File a claim petition before the Deputy Labour Commissioner by the employee/any legal practitioner/official of a registered union/ Inspector/person permitted by the authority.


I am not getting Minimum Wages for the last one year. Can I get the arrears for the period.



Eligible to get arrears of Minimum Wages for the last six months.


Employer is not maintaining the prescribed registers. Where should I complain?



Assistant Labour Officer having jurisdiction over the area in notified as the Inspector under the Minimum Wages Act.


The employer is preparing registers and records as and when he receives the inspection notice from the inspector. Is it permitted.



No, the employer is liable to maintain registers and records up to date and to be maintained at least for 3 years after last entry made in the registers.


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