FAQ under the Motor Transport Workers Act

FAQ under the Motor Transport Workers Act



Which are the vehicles /establishments to be registered under the Motor Transport Workers Act



A Motor transport undertaking carrying passengers or goods by road including private carrier


How to register a Motor Transport undertaking



Application in form No. 1 in duplicate chalan receipt for the prescribed fee. Submit the application with chalan receipt before the Inspector under MTW Act (Assistant Labour Officer) thirty days before the date of operation of the undertaking


What is the prescribed fees under the Act



Fees is As  per the minimum number of motor transport workers to be employed on any one day during the year

Up to 5 workers- 250

Above 5 and up to 10 workers-  ` 500

Above 10 and up to 20 workers- ` 1,000

Above 20 and up to 30 workers- ` 1,500

Above 30 and up to 40 workers- ` 2,000

Above 40 and up to 50 workers- 3,000

Above 50 and up to 75 workers- ` 4,000

Above 75 and up to 100 workers- ` 5,000

Above 100 and up to 200 workers- ` 7,000

Above 200 and up to 500 workers- ` 10,000

Above 500 and up to 750 workers- ` 15,000

Above 750 and up to 1000 workers- ` 20,000

Above 1000 workers- ` 25,000


What is the Head of Account in which fee is to be remitted





How and when to renew the Registration



Repeat the procedure in item No. 2 Submit along with the original RC before sixty days of the date of expiry. 25% of the fee shall be paid in the case of belated applications for renewal.


Is there any prescribed wages for the Motor Transport workers



Govt. have notified fair wages for the workers of Motor Transport undertakings


Total number of working hours of a worker.



8 hrs in a day and 48 hrs in a week. This may be extended to 10 hrs in a day and 50 hrs in a week with prior permission of the Chief Inspector


How many days of leave available for a Motor Transport Worker



Leave with wages one day for every 20 days to a workman who worked for a period of 250 days or more in the year immediately proceeding.


Welfare amenities to be provided to a workman



Canteen, rest room, first aid and uniforms.


What are the registers and records to be maintained by MT undertaking



Register of workers in form IX 
Muster roll of workers in form X
Overtime Muster roll in form XI
Leave book in form VIII (Provided to worker)
Register of leave with wages form VII
Individual control book form XII


What is the penalty for violation of the provision of the Act & Rules



Imprisonment which may extend to 3 months or with fine which may extend to Rs. 500/- or with both


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