FAQ under Trade Union Act

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FAQ under Trade Union Act



How many persons are required in an industry for registration of a Trade Union



10% or 100 whichever is less engaged or employed in an establishment or industry.


How many persons are required for making an application for Registration of a Trade Union



Minimum Seven.


Procedure for Registration of a Trade Union



Application in form A
Schedule I
Schedule II
Bye - law of the union
Resolution authorising 7 members to make an application 
Chalan Receipt for 
` 500/-


What is the Head of Account in which fee is to be remitted





Where to Submit the application.



Submit the application before the Asst. Labour Officer having jurisdiction over the area where the Head Office of the union is situated.


Can the employers form a Trade Union





A Trade Union which has an identical name with another.  Will it be registered?



Registrar of Trade Union shall not register that union until they make a change in the identical name.


Registrar of Trade Union withdrew a union's registration in view of non performance of certain statutory provision. Is it possible?



Registrar has the power only to cancel the registration. He cannot withdraw the order of registration issued by him.


What happens when membership falls down after the date of application



Application shall not become invalid.


Who is a protected workman.



Office bearers of a registered Trade Union are protected workmen.


Cancel the registration of a Trade Union when.



Trade Union Certificate obtained by fraud or mistake.
Contravened any provision of the Trade Union Act.
(With two months notice from the Registrar)


Registrar's decision not correct, where to appeal



Appeal to respective High Court


What is the minimum age to be a member of Trade Union



One who attained the age of 15 years.


What is the minimum age to be an office bearer



Attained the age of 18 Years.


Registers and records to be maintained by a Trade Union



Register of membership and subscription in Form M
Register of receipts and disbursement of general Fund
Minutes book of the meeting stock register
Subscription receipt book